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B2B Mobile Marketing: The Time’s They Are A Changing

First there was Blackberry and for B2B marketers this was a good thing.  Next came the iPhone and this was even better.  Then the Android invasion was launched by Google.  Steve Jobs struck back with the iPad.  Oh yeah Microsoft did some stuff in mobile but no one really cared.  Amazingly enough this has all […]

B2B Marketing With SlideShare

Presentations.  They have the ability to inform and shape the opinions of your potential customers.  After the presentation is over, you go back to the office and save your PowerPoint on the desktop of your laptop which will never see the light of day until your next Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  However, your presentation doesn’t […]

B2B Marketing With Location Based Services

B2B marketers rarely view Location Based Services (LBS) as little more as a tool for B2C businesses.  Even though B2C companies have had tremendous success in utilizing LBS services like Foursquare and Gowalla to give away discounts and thank customers for visiting, B2B marketers have not caught on to the benefits LBS offers.  However, LBS […]

3 Reasons Why You Need B2B Videos

Videos of cats have been all the rage on the Internet since Al Gore invented it (the Internet not cats although he would take credit for inventing them).  These get forwarded and shared to us by our friends, neighbors, and even our kids.  So if these type of videos are all the rage online, why […]