Archive | January, 2012

How To Pick A B2B Social Media Agency

Your B2B company has finally realized it has to get on social media.  You understand and realize the benefits by leveraging this new media.  However, your staff is stretched thin so trying to conduct it in-house is not an option.  The only option is to outsource it to a social media agency.  However, everyone including […]

B2B Social Media Lead Generation: That’s What It’s All About!

When it comes to B2B social media marketing, the goal is leads.  Leads, leads, leads!  However, just because your B2B company is using social media doesn’t mean it’s time to blast out sales pitches 24 / 7.  B2B social media marketing is about educating and informing your customers so they view you as a thought […]

B2B Social Media CRM: Socializing With Your Customers

CRM systems.  Everyone has their favorite.  Salesforce.  Amdocs.  Microsoft CRM.  They all gather information to help you track your leads and increase your conversion rates.  However, have you thought about the social component to a CRM system?  Integrating social media into your sales efforts can help decrease the cost and time to acquiring and ultimately […]

Google+ & B2B Social Media Marketing: Should Your B2B Company Be On It?

As a B2B marketer, you’re probably busy getting your company up and running on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, and even SlideShare.  But wait! Don’t forget Google+ (or should you?)!  This platform is Google’s major attempt at getting into social media and give other established social media platforms a run for their money.  As a […]