Archive | February, 2012

Using B2B Social Media For Product Development

Product development fot B2B companies is vital in order to stay ahead of the competition.  However, if you’re a small company with a small R&D budget you’ll definitely be at a disadvantage.  So how can you compete with your bigger rivals?  Try using social media when doing your next product development.  Using social media can […]

B2B Trade Show Social Media Marketing

Your industry’s trade show.  That time of the year where you get to fly to an exotic location, talk to booth babes, have one too many drinks at the organized happy hours, and find some way to squeeze in time to do business.  When it comes to B2B social media marketing, trade shows present a huge […]

LinkedIn Apps: Yes, There’s An App For That!

For B2B social media marketing, LinkedIn is the platform of choice that most of the time and activity is spent on trying to generate leads.  Building connections, leveraging LinkedIn groups, and leveraging your company profile page are all features that play a prominent role in your LinkedIn strategy.  However, LinkedIn has internal and external apps […]