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How Top B2B Companies Are Using Twitter

For B2B companies, LinkedIn is the platform of choice whereas B2C companies highly prefer Facebook.  However, Twitter is the platform that works for any company.  For B2B companies, Twitter can hold significant potential if used correctly.  Major companies currently are  doing a great job of using Twitter and can provide us great examples of how […]

How To Develop a B2B Social Media Strategy

Deciding to use social media for your B2B company is a huge and important undertaking that needs to be taken seriously.  If done correctly, B2B social media marketing presents huge opportunities for companies.  However, its important to develop a B2B social media strategy if you want to achieve results.  However, putting together an effective B2B […]

How Top B2B Companies Are Using LinkedIn

When it comes to B2B social media marketing, LinkedIn takes the cake.  This platform provides great results for those that know how to use it well.  For small businesses, LinkedIn can be a great asset and can be used to level the playing field.  However, large companies have also taken notice of the power of […]