Archive | April, 2012

How To Create B2B Social Media Content

Creating B2B social media content can be a very exciting experience that will impact the ability of your organization to succeed or fail with social media.  However, if your content is not remarkable or even too salesy then all your efforts will be for nothing.  So how do you make remarkable content that your audience […]

Integrating B2B Social Media Into Your Current Marketing

B2B social media marketing has great potential to benefit a company if used correctly.  Used by itself, it can still produce great results.  However, used in conjunction with other marketing efforts it can supercharge your overall marketing.  So how can you integrate social media into your other marketing efforts?  The following are a few ideas: […]

How Top B2B Companies Are Using Facebook

Facebook.  The bane of existence for anyone trying to conduct B2B social media marketing.  It’s understood that for B2B companies LinkedIn is the main platform of engagement whereas B2C companies highly prefer Facebook.  However, that doesn’t mean Facebook shouldn’t play a significant role in your B2B social media strategy.  It can if used correctly.  Major […]