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How B2B Companies Can Use Pinterest

B2B companies using social media have to keep up with platforms that are constantly evolving and decide how that effects their company’s goals and objectives.  However, a new platform has risen that provides great opportunities for B2B companies:  Pinterest. This platform is about graphically sharing content mainly images.  For B2B companies, understanding and using Pinterest […]

B2B Social Media Metrics

Want to know how an athlete is doing in their sport?  Check out their stats.  Whether its baseball, football, basketball, soccer, or any sport, checking out the stats for any athlete will let you know how they’re doing that season.  The same should be said when it comes to B2B social media.  Establishing B2B social […]

Using B2B Social Media To Retain Customers

You’ve developed a great B2B social media strategy, posted remarkable content, and now you’ve gotten leads that have converted into customers.  Congrats!  Now what?  Just like the customers you originally met at local networking events, it doesn’t simply end when someone signs a contract and cuts you a check.  It comes down to customer retention. […]

How To Discover Your B2B Social Media Influencers

Regardless of what industry you’re in, there are individuals whose opinions and views sway the opinions of others.  For better or worse they exist.  With B2B social media, the same holds true but they tend to hold more sway and their social media voice is usually more powerful.  So what is an influencer?  An influencer […]

B2B Social Media Marketing: What Is It and How Can It Be Used to Generate Sales Leads?

B2B Social Media Marketing View more presentations from After Interactive   B2B social media marketing can be an effective way to generate sales leads and raise your company’s visibility. However, many of those using social media will use the same type of social media strategy for their B2B company as a restaurant would use. So […]