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Integrating Social Media Into Your Email: Part 1

Great things come in pairs like peanut butter & jelly, Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak, and yin & yang.  However, did you know that email & social media go together as well?  How is that even possible?  Through the use of social media email plugins, you can now integrate these two business productivity technologies.  The […]

How Commercial Real Estate Companies Can Use Social Media

Many industries are positioned to fully realize the benefits of social media but none more so than commercial real estate (CRE).  This industry thrives more so than others on networking, referrals, and professional branding.  Social media has the capability to provide all these benefits to commercial real estate professionals.  How is this so?  Here are […]

Top 3 B2B Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Facebook.  The social media site B2C companies love but B2B companies hate.  That may be a strong word but it does help hammer away a point:  Facebook is a difficult platform for B2B companies to gain traction with in achieving their strategic goals.  On top of that, Facebook likes to change the game by adding […]

What LinkedIn’s Purchase of SlideShare Means For B2B Companies

As LinkedIn goes, so do B2B companies.  Because LinkedIn is the major platform of engagement for any B2B company, any minor or major moves by this social networking site will create a lot of news.  This happened very much so when LinkedIn decided to acquire SlideShare for a whopping $119 million although not as astonishing […]