3 Common B2B Social Media Myths

3 Common B2B Social Media Myths

3 Common B2B Social Media Myths

Many B2B executives are bombarded with all sorts of facts, half truths, and outright lies when it comes to social media. Part of it stems from the fact the social media industry is populated with a lot of people whose only experience in social media is a Facebook profile they set up in college to look at girls in bikinis.  As a result, when it comes to B2B social media strategy & marketing their are many myths.  Here are a few:

  1. Don’t Sell – If it doesn’t have a positive impact on your bottom line, why do it? B2B social media has to generate sales. However, that doesn’t give you the green light to blast out constant sales pitches. Push out relevant content that is engaging and informs your audience. However, converting them from just your company-sponsored LinkedIn Group members to sales leads can be done through social media with the right strategy.
  2. No ROI – Any good marketer will say if it can’t be measured then don’t do it. B2B social media should take the same approach. Depending on what your goals are, your B2B social media strategy can be measured which gives you the ability to show an ROI.  This does not mean the warm & fuzzy stuff people talk about when discussing social media but a real business focused ROI.
  3. It’s Only About Sales – Even though getting new sales are important, you’ve got to keep your current customers. Many studies have shown it is more expensive to find new customers versus keeping your current ones. B2B social media can also be used to service your current customer base as well as generate sales leads.
It’s important that a business leader is able to separate fact from fiction. With an over saturation of social media “gurus”, it becomes harder to identify which ones expound the truth about B2B social media strategy and which ones don’t. Make sure you know the truths about B2B social media strategy. Let your competitors believe the myths.

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