3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Facebook Profile For Your Business

Facebook has been a huge asset for businesses both large and small. From gaining new market exposure to ultimately increasing a company’s revenue, Facebook has been very beneficial to companies. However, as more companies jump on the Why You Shouldn't Use Your Facebook Profile For Your BusinessFacebook bandwagon many of them are setting up their businesses incorrectly which will ultimately lead them to being unable to fully leveraging this platform. They do this by setting up their business as a Facebook profile rather than a page.

So why should a business even think about setting up a page rather than a profile? Here’s 3 reasons why:

  1. Analytics – A Facebook profile is meant for use by an individual. The features of a Facebook page are designed for use by a company, organization, or brand. For example, want to know how many times your postings were seen? A Facebook page can give you this kind of analytical data whereas a Facebook profile will not. With a Facebook page, you can also determine what sources are driving your audiences to your page, determine where they are geographically located, what tabs they are viewing the most, and how your fans are interacting with your page. A Facebook profile will not give you these type of analytics and a good business person knows that analytics drive good business decisions.
  2. Functionality – Again, a Facebook profile is meant for use by an individual. Facebook profiles only allow a maximum of 5,000 friends. A Facebook page does not have limitation on the number of fans. For a business, this is significant since it should always try to maximize its exposure. In addition, a Facebook page allows the ability to integrate the use of apps and custom tabs whereas a Facebook profile does not. Why is this important? Let’s say you want new Facebook fans to fill out a form with their contact information so you can get a hold of them to tell them about your products and services. A Facebook page will give you this ability but a Facebook profile won’t.
  3. Terms of Use – Let’s say you put in a lot of hard work in using a Facebook profile for your business. You’ve got a 3,000 friends and you’ve even drummed up a good amount of business through the profile. However, if Facebook finds out you’re using a profile for your business then they’ll shut it down and all your hard work will go down the drain. Why would they even do this in the first place? It violates the Terms of Use agreement you agreed to when you signed up for Facebook. Facebook has gotten better at identifying Facebook profiles being used for a business and have been ramping up their efforts to shut them down.

So what if you already have a Facebook profile setup for your business? You can actually use a Facebook profile migration tool to convert your Facebook profile to a page. However, some Facebook users have encountered some difficulties in the conversion so be careful when doing this. Regardless, setting up a Facebook page instead of a profile only benefits your business and who doesn’t want that?

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  1. matellez November 16, 2011 at 5:51 am

    The easiest way to determine the difference between a Facebook profile or page is find out if you can send a friend request or can simply like the page. If you have the option of sending a friend request, you have a profile. A profile is what you set up when you first sign up for Facebook. It’s for your individual use. If you are given the option to like it, you are dealing with a page. The page is for use to promote a company, organization, or brand.

  2. Nihad November 15, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    I am not much deep in this technology of Facebook profile and page and not knowing the diffirence. Can you explain that for biggeners at social media business channels, what is facebook page and facebook profile? If you are refereing to profile someone creates on facebook in regards to just info page ( or home page like) which facebook users creates…Am I making sense for clarification enquires?