3 Twitter Features B2B Companies Can Use

Tweet. Retweet. Hashtag this. Hashtag that. WTF?! You’re an executive at a firm which sells its services to Fortune 500 companies. Why should you even care about tweeting, hashing, or whatever everyone on Twitter says nowadays?!

3 Twitter Features B2B Companies Can UseFor a B2B company, Twitter represents an amazing opportunity. Because of the nature of this platform, Twitter can be an extremely effective communication tool. So what features can benefit your B2B company? Here are just 3 of them:

  1. URL Shortener – Have you ever seen a tweet (this is what a posting on Twitter is called) that has what looks like a really short URL and has bit.ly or ow.ly in it? Although not exclusive to Twitter, these are actually URLs that people on Twitter shortened for a couple of reasons. The first is because of efficiency. Twitter limits a tweet to only 140 characters including spacing. A URL shortener will significantly limit the number of characters in a URL so you don’t have to worry about a long URL taking up the entire 140 character limit. The second reason for using a URL shortener is you can keep track of the number of clicks for the URLs you post. This is important since you can use this to determine what people are clicking on the most and what other links people are clicking on the least. Therefore, you can use these type of metrics to adjust what your tweeting.
  2. Hashtag – This feature is a great way to categorize tweets. So what does this look like? A tweet with a hashtag has # in front of a word or phrase. This helps people scan tweets quickly for relevancy to a certain topic but also provides a great opportunity to conduct a targeted search around a specific topic. Industries and trade organizations typically use hashtags that professionals within that industry can easily identify. For example, commercial real estate tweets use #CRE, the embedded application and PC industry use #embedded, and marketers will typically use #marketing.
  3. Search – A powerful tool Twitter has available for your B2B business is ability to conduct targeted searches. Going back to hashtags, you can conduct a search for tweets using a hashtag that’s relevant to your industry. Why is this important? People in your target market that you want to sell your products/services to will more than likely be using hashtags in their tweets. In addition, you can set searches for phrases being used within tweets. Does your company target a specific geographic area? You can set these searches to focus in on those areas your target market resides in.

Twitter has many more features available for B2B companies but the above features are some of the most effective. However, its important not to use Twitter to just push out your own sales pitches. Push out relevant industry information and engage with people on Twitter. This will help your B2B company gain some real traction on Twitter. Now get to tweeting! Your customers are waiting to hear from you!

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