5 B2B Blogging Tips

Your teenage kid does it. The bartender at your favorite bar does it. Even your preacher does it every Sunday after church service. What are we talking about? Blogging! For a B2B company, blogging represents a huge opportunity for your 5 B2B Blogging Tipsorganization. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when blogging for your B2B company. What are they? Sit down, get your notepad and pen, cause here they come:

  1. Create a Blogging Schedule – Benjamin Franklin once said that by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. B2B blogging is much the same way. By creating a blogging schedule of what to blog, when to blog, and even who is to blog, you are more likely to sustain your blogging efforts.
  2. Inform Your Readers – So what do your readers want to read in your blogs? Your readers want to be informed and educated about topics that are important to them. This builds your company’s credibility with your customers and shows that you can provide them the solution they need for their own company.
  3. Ability to Share Posts – Want to have your customers work for you? Wait. What? By adding sharing icons to your blog posts, your readers, i.e. customers, can easily share your blog postings with their own contacts, i.e. more customers. This will gain your blog postings, and by default your company, more visibility to customers you were unable to previously reach.
  4. Call To Action – The whole point of blogging is to gain new customers. Make things easy for them to contact you by including a Call to Action (CTA) on your blog. This makes it easy for them to reach out to you to learn more about your company and its products or services.
  5. SEO Friendly – It’s great to promote your blog through your social networks. However, that takes time and effort. Want to have people come to your blog on their own? Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to have your blog postings attract incoming traffic based on keyword searches your customers are using on search engines like Google.

B2B blogging represents a huge opportunity to present your company as a subject matter expert in your industry. However, once you start your blogging efforts its important to keep them going. Your customers want to know what you have to say about what’s important to them so get to it!

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