5 Facebook Features That Can Benefit Your B2B Company

Facebook is the proverbial 800 lb social media gorilla in the room. Everyone and (literally) their grandma is using it. They post pictures of their pets, tell people about what they had for lunch, and even use it to announce the birth of their kids. So if these are the type of things people are posting on Facebook, why should a B2B business even have a presence on it?

When someone decides to become a fan of your Facebook page, they’re saying they want to know more about what you have to say about your industry, trends, major events, and ultimately want to know if you can provide the solutions they 5 Facebook Features That Can Benefit Your B2B Companyneed. So what features can your company’s Facebook page leverage? A few of them are:

  1. Landing Tab – Since people that become a fan of your page are interested in what you have to say, it’s a good idea to maximize the probability of people becoming a fan. Creating a landing tab with an incentive for becoming a fan is a great idea to achieve this. Offer a free report, the ability to sign up for a free consultation, or tell your potential fans that they can keep up to date with industry news.
  2. Pictures – Facebook is focusing more and more on images. This presents your B2B business with a major opportunity. You can post images about the awards your company won, a newly hired staff member, or pictures from a customer appreciation party. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For your business, it may actually have some monetary value too.
  3. Notes – Google does not play well with Facebook when it comes to indexing and populating it in search results. However, Google indexes Notes. This is important if you use SEO techniques to optimize a Note which means it may come up as a result in a Google search.
  4. Page Interaction – As an individual using a Facebook profile, you can interact with other pages. However, you can also do the same with a Facebook page. This way you can gain more exposure for your company’s page and gain more fans. More fans means more potential customers.
  5. Metrics – A good business executive bases their decisions on good metrics. A Facebook page offers you metrics that you can analyze to determine the effectiveness of your Facebook strategy. You can analyze things like how many of your fans saw your postings, interacted with it, and shared it with their own Facebook friends and family. Is your B2B company targeting a specific geographic area? You can get metrics to find out if your page’s fans are from that area.

Even though LinkedIn is the major platform in an effective B2B social media strategy, Facebook can still play a pivotal role. It shows the personable and human side of your company. In the end, your customers want to do business with a person.

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