After Interactive was born in 2011….to fill a gap.

After Interactive was based on the idea that you can create RELATIONSHIPS in a digital world. Digital marketing can sometimes seem impersonal and not customer centric. In other words, the marketing sounds like a sales pitch instead of a listening campaign.

We know B2B social media strategy is unique. So, we started After Interactive to help business’ address to growing need for an online presence. Because our clients asked, we have added B2C digital media marketing, technology improvement, marketing strategy, product marketing and event marketing to our list of services. Though the products may be different, the strategy is the same.

Social media marketing succeeds only if it begins with a great strategy.

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Social Media Strategy

B2B Social Media Strategy

A B2B social media strategy focuses on ROI, is platform specific, and is based on strategy.

B2C Social Media Strategy

A B2C social media strategy focuses on brand engagement and promotions, is platform specific, and still starts with strategy.

Social Media Strategy Is Measurable

We believe, that to create relationships, a solid strategy must be formed. Without strategy, you can create great content but market to the wrong audience. A well developed B2B and B2C social media strategy is measurable. This helps you identify the magnitude of your success.

We listen to our clients needs and then use expertise to provide a unique product that will deliver your goals.

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