B2B Marketing With Location Based Services

B2B marketers rarely view Location Based Services (LBS) as little more as a tool for B2C businesses.  Even though B2C companies have had tremendous success in utilizing LBS services like Foursquare and Gowalla to give away discounts and thank customers for visiting, B2B marketers have not caught on to the benefits LBS B2B Marketing With Location Based Servicesoffers.  However, LBS can offer significant benefits to B2B marketers if used correctly.  B2B marketers can leverage LBS to gain intelligence on prospects and clients.  What specific uses can B2B marketers use with LBS?  Some of them are:

  1. Lead Generation – The ultimate purpose of B2B marketing is lead generation.  So how can LBS be leveraged by B2B marketers?  Set up searches to find out who is checking in at the location of your competitors.  If they’re checking in at your competitors who offer similar services to what your business offers then they may be prime targets for your own services.
  2. Event Marketing – Are your potential customers checking in at local business events or trade shows?  This intelligence can help you plan what networking events or trade shows your company may want to sponsor or even set up a booth at to find customers.
  3. Partnerships – If your customers or prospects are checking in at a non-competitive businesses, this might present an opportunity to approach those companies to form strategic partnerships.
  4. Rewards – Do your prospects and customers like to frequent a local coffee shop?  Perhaps they like having lunch at an area sushi restaurant.  B2B marketers utilizing LBS can use this type of information with special promotions.

Even though B2C companies have had major success with using LBS, B2B marketers can see significant benefit as well.  So what are you waiting for?  Go find your customers!

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