B2B Marketing With SlideShare

Presentations.  They have the ability to inform and shape the opinions of your potential customers.  After the presentation is over, you go back to the office and save B2B Marketing with SlideShareyour PowerPoint on the desktop of your laptop which will never see the light of day until your next Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  However, your presentation doesn’t have to always live on your hard drive.

SlideShare is a great tool for B2B marketers to keep a powerful presentation alive for potential prospects to view.  Not sure SlideShare is something B2B marketers should use?  Here’s a few reasons that should change your mind:

  1. Lead Generation – B2B marketing is ultimately about generating leads.  With SlideShare, the aim should be the same.  How can this be done?  SlideShare has a feature available to embed a short form in your presentation viewers can fill out.  The great thing about this is anyone that fills it out is a qualified and interested lead.
  2. SEO – When your customers are using search engines to find the services your company has to offer, wouldn’t it be great if they ended up finding you?  Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, you can make this happen with a SlideShare presentation.  By embedding keywords into the title, tags, and description, you’ll be able to drive potential customers to your SlideShare presentation when they’re searching for keywords relevant to your industry and your business.
  3. Shareability – It’s great to have your customers find you with search engines but don’t let the extent of your SlideShare presentation end there.  The fact that there are sharing icons on each SlideShare page means anyone that views your presentation can share it with their social network and gain you additional visibility.
  4. Thought Leader – Your customers want to know you have the answers they need.  Use great content in your SlideShare presentations so your potential customers want to contact you.
In addition to the features listed above, SlideShare has analytics to determine the location of viewers, keywords used to find your presentation, referrers, and other important metrics.  In addition, LinkedIn has great integration capabilities with SlideShare which is important since this platform plays such a huge role in B2B social media marketing.  Now go dust off that presentation you did at your local Chamber of Commerce and put it on SlideShare.  Your customers want to see it!

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