B2B Social Media CRM: Socializing With Your Customers

CRM systems.  Everyone has their favorite.  Salesforce.  Amdocs.  Microsoft CRM.  They all gather information to help you track your leads and increase your conversion rates.  However, have you thought about the social component to a CRM system?  Integrating social media into your sales efforts can help decrease the B2B Social Media CRM: Socializing With Your Customers cost and time to acquiring and ultimately convert leads.  How is this so?  For a few reasons.

  1. Influencers – Every industry has individuals whose opinions influences those of their colleagues.  By using social media you can easily identify them and reward them for promoting your products & services.
  2. Relevance – Find out what your target market is talking about.  Use industry specific hashtags to find out what’s important to your audience or monitor industry related LinkedIn groups.  You can use this information to create better targeted and more effective content when engaging prospects.
  3. Prospects vs. Customers – What do your customers and prospects do and talk about?  Determine the difference through social media and you’ll be able to identify the two faster and communicate with them more effectively.
  4. Increase Effectiveness – Give your sales team the social profile information of prospects.  This will allow them to learn more about the contact and provide a more relevant and effective sales experience.
Even though traditional CRM systems do a great job in tracking and converting leads, adding a social layer to them will increase your conversion rate.  So go ahead and checkout the LinkedIn profile of that lead you were given this morning.  You’ll never know what kind of intel you’ll gather for your sales pitch.

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