B2B Social Media Lead Generation: That’s What It’s All About!

When it comes to B2B social media marketing, the goal is leads.  Leads, leads, leads!  However, just because your B2B company is using social media doesn’t mean it’s time to blast out sales pitches 24 / 7.  B2B social media marketing is about educating and informing your customers so they view you as a thought leader.  They want B2B Social Media Lead Generation:  That's What It's All About!to know you have the answers they need.  So how do you get leads with social media?  Here’s a few ways to do so:

  1. Call To Action – Your posting great content on your blog.  It’s well written and relevant to your industry and people like to read it.  However, don’t let them leave right away after they finish reading your blog.  Issue a Call To Action (CTA) by asking them to do something else like click on a link to contact you for more information.
  2. Socialize Lead Generation Offers – Does your typical lead generation efforts include a free demo?  Promote that on your social media sites to gain potential leads.  Social media purists may claim this as blasphemy.  However, brand awareness and conversations by themselves are not enough.  Generating leads is the name of the game.
  3. Pay Per Click Ads – Facebook and LinkedIn have some great ad systems that you can use to do some focused targeting.  Use a Pay Per Click ad campaign so the only time you pay is when someone clicks on your ad.
  4. Like, Follow, and Connect – People that decide to engage with you on social media have expressed an interest in hearing what you have to say.  Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to find more people like them?  Grow your social media audiences and you increase your chances of generating leads.
B2B social media marketing is about generating leads.  Using some simple techniques you’ll be able to generate leads and grow your bottom line.  Don’t believe it yet?  Check out the Call To Action below.

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