B2B Social Media Metrics

B2B Social Media Metrics

B2B Social Media Metrics

Want to know how an athlete is doing in their sport?  Check out their stats.  Whether its baseball, football, basketball, soccer, or any sport, checking out the stats for any athlete will let you know how they’re doing that season.  The same should be said when it comes to B2B social media.  Establishing B2B social metrics will help your business determine how effective your B2B social media strategy is doing.  What metrics should you be evaluating?  A few of them are:

  1. Social Media Audience – The growth of your social media audience is key in order to determine how your B2B social media strategy is doing.  Why?  People that decide to follow and engage with you on social media have made a conscious decision to hear what you have to say about the industry.  These are all potential customers.  The larger your social media audience then the larger your potential pool of customers.
  2. Website Traffic – The ultimate destination for your social media audience is the website.  Determining how much traffic social media is sending to the website is a key metric.  However, other metrics related to website traffic from social media need to be examined such as bounce rate, time on site, and referring sites.  These help give a better overall picture of social media traffic to the website.
  3. Sales Leads – This is what it ultimately comes down to when conducting B2B social media marketing.  How many leads, the types of leads, and conversion of these leads into sales are an extremely important metric.  This provides the ultimate gauge of success for a B2B social media strategy.
If these metrics show a consistent upward trend then you’re B2B social media strategy is very well positioned.  However, if they trend downwards or don’t move at all then it’s a good idea to reevaluate your strategy.

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