B2B Social Media & Your Sales Team: Why They Should Track Your Efforts

B2B Social Media & Your Sales Team

B2B Social Media & Your Sales Team

Many times, social media marketers tend to operate in a silo separate from what the rest of the company is doing especially the sales team.  This leaves a lot of potential opportunities unexamined by not having your sales team work closely with your social media professional(s).  However, the question you will probably get from your sales team is why should they follow what your company is tweeting when they could be making calls to find new customers? The answer is your sales team has huge incentives to following your company’s social media efforts. Why?

  1. Potential Customers – Let’s say you’re on LinkedIn connecting to decision makers at companies your team has been trying to get their feet in the door at for awhile.  This gives you the opportunity to develop a strategy to leverage those contacts to hand off to your sales team to begin the sales cycle.
  2. Lead Cultivation – Not all leads are ready to buy right now. For those that aren’t, the sales team should pass them on to the social media team to cultivate them. By posting engaging and relevant content, these cold leads can become warm once again once they see your company does have the answers they need by their participation through social media.
  3. Sales Content – The type of content being put out on social media should be the type that positions your company as a thought leader in the industry. Therefore, your target market should be viewing your company’s social media presence as a resource. Your sales team should do the same so they can gain more knowledge about what’s going on in the industry and incorporate this information in their sales pitches.
If done correctly, your company’s B2B social media efforts can be a huge asset for your sales team.  Anything that helps your sales team close more sales is a good thing.

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