B2B Trade Show Social Media Marketing

Your industry’s trade show.  That time of the year where you get to fly to an exotic location, talk to booth babes, have one too many drinks at the organized happy hours, and find some way to squeeze in time to do business.  When it comes to B2B social media marketing, trade shows present a huge opportunity to help achieve your B2B Trade Show Social Media Marketingbusiness goals.  You don’t have to leave your B2B social media marketing efforts back at the office but you can bring them with you to the trade show floor.  How?  Here’s a few tips on how to accomplish that:

  1. Video Interviews – Most people love being on camera.  Use this to your advantage by conducting video interviews at the trade show of people in attendance and ask them their thoughts on industry trends and issues.  Post these videos on your YouTube channel, optimize them using SEO, and promote on your social media platforms.  Interviewees will also want to promote these on their own social media platforms which will get you additional views and more exposure.
  2. Trade Show Organizers – Most major trade show organizers will have a major social media presence.  Use this to your advantage by engaging with them at the trade show and identifying others that are doing the same that may be able to visit your booth.
  3. Live Blogging – Most trade shows usually have education sessions to discuss topics and issues that are hot in your industry.  Blog about these either during or right after so you can serve as an inormation source for your audience members.  They’ll start recognizing you as the “go to” person regarding these sessions.
  4. Social Media URLs – People that you talk to at the trade show are ones that obviously have shown some interest in your company and its products / services.  However, don’t lose touch with them afterwards even you still grab their business cards.  Give them your social media URLs so they can easily find you and be able to stay in touch even after the trade show is over.
Trade shows hold major opportunities to help move your business forward.  However, by adding social media to your trade show presence you’ll be able to amplify your efforts and make attending trade shows that much more successful.  So enjoy your next trade show and ask yourself how you can incorporate social media into your efforts.  Also ask yourself if its poor etiquette to regift trade show items or to restock your office with pens (it isn’t).

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