Digital vs. Print Advertising: Which is Right For Me in B2B?

By Tom Prikryl, President, Triad Business Marketing  “What should we focus on in our marketing program? Digital or print?” The popularity of digital advertising and digital venues such as social media have grown and with it, marketing dollars allocated to digital. With the worldwide increase in Web usage has come a strengthening of the internet’s […]

Selling to the Professional Engineer: Beyond the Pocket Protector.

by Julie Gardner, Creative Director/Copywriter, Triad Business Marketing Engineers can be a tough crowd. Brands and marketers who routinely communicate to engineers have gathered valuable intelligence from publications, anecdotal research, and just plain trial-and-error in marketing to this unique mindset, whether it’s a print ad in a trade publication, or a microsite for a particular […]

Dear Client: Your Social Media Rocks!

Author: Emily Bell, Managing Partner-After Interactive, LLC   For all you business owners out there, the best conversation we ever have with clients deals with the social media marketing ROI question. Scary as it seems, the results can be quite surprising for both parties, if you are following your social media strategy plan. And for […]

What Are B2B Social Media Ads

Social media networks have taken a page from Google in their primary method of making money:  ads.  Since sites like Facebook & LinkedIn have an enormous amount of information these ads can be targeted to appear to people with specific interest interests or skills.  So fine tuned can some of these ad campaigns be that […]

B2B Social Media & Your Sales Team: Why They Should Track Your Efforts

Many times, social media marketers tend to operate in a silo separate from what the rest of the company is doing especially the sales team.  This leaves a lot of potential opportunities unexamined by not having your sales team work closely with your social media professional(s).  However, the question you will probably get from your sales team […]

Using B2B Social Media To Shorten The Sales Cycle

Any good B2B executive that works closely with their sales team (or is a 1-person sales team) can tell you how long their typical sales cycle last.  However, decreasing that sales cycle is something any sales professional would love to do. In a study conducted by the Corporate Executive Board, it was found that customers […]

3 Common B2B Social Media Myths

Many B2B executives are bombarded with all sorts of facts, half truths, and outright lies when it comes to social media. Part of it stems from the fact the social media industry is populated with a lot of people whose only experience in social media is a Facebook profile they set up in college to […]

Why Your B2B Company Isn’t Finding New Leads With Social Media

Every B2B business leader understands this simple concept:  To get sales, you need leads.  It’s a very simple concept that brings in no grey area and even the most novice of business leaders can understand.  Using social media to bring in sales leads for a B2B company can be a great way to find new […]

Using B2B Social Media To Improve SEO

B2B social media & SEO go together like two peas in a pod.  Even though these may seem like they are two different fields of digital marketing, if done correctly social media can help your company rank higher in searches your potential clients are doing on search engines like Google right now.  For a B2B […]

Integrating Social Media Into Your Email: Part 2

In our last post, we discussed why your company should use social media email plugins for your sales team and team members providing day-to-day delivery of services for current customers.  However, what tools are available out there for your company to use to integrate social media into email?  Here are just a few: Rapportive – […]