Top 3 B2B Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Facebook.  The social media site B2C companies love but B2B companies hate.  That may be a strong word but it does help hammer away a point:  Facebook is a difficult platform for B2B companies to gain traction with in achieving their strategic goals.  On top of that, Facebook likes to change the game by adding […]

How Top B2B Companies Are Using Facebook

Facebook.  The bane of existence for anyone trying to conduct B2B social media marketing.  It’s understood that for B2B companies LinkedIn is the main platform of engagement whereas B2C companies highly prefer Facebook.  However, that doesn’t mean Facebook shouldn’t play a significant role in your B2B social media strategy.  It can if used correctly.  Major […]

5 Facebook Features That Can Benefit Your B2B Company

Facebook is the proverbial 800 lb social media gorilla in the room. Everyone and (literally) their grandma is using it. They post pictures of their pets, tell people about what they had for lunch, and even use it to announce the birth of their kids. So if these are the type of things people are […]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Facebook Profile For Your Business

Facebook has been a huge asset for businesses both large and small. From gaining new market exposure to ultimately increasing a company’s revenue, Facebook has been very beneficial to companies. However, as more companies jump on the Facebook bandwagon many of them are setting up their businesses incorrectly which will ultimately lead them to being […]