Top 3 LinkedIn Mistakes: You Are Doing It Wrong!

So, you walk into a networking function and scan the room. Over in the corner you spot Crazy Sales Guy. As you make a beeline for the bar, hoping he won’t see you, you hear that all too familiar voice booming…”Hey Sally!!! I’ve been trying to reach you because I have a new product you […]

What LinkedIn’s Purchase of SlideShare Means For B2B Companies

As LinkedIn goes, so do B2B companies.  Because LinkedIn is the major platform of engagement for any B2B company, any minor or major moves by this social networking site will create a lot of news.  This happened very much so when LinkedIn decided to acquire SlideShare for a whopping $119 million although not as astonishing […]

How Top B2B Companies Are Using LinkedIn

When it comes to B2B social media marketing, LinkedIn takes the cake.  This platform provides great results for those that know how to use it well.  For small businesses, LinkedIn can be a great asset and can be used to level the playing field.  However, large companies have also taken notice of the power of […]

LinkedIn Apps: Yes, There’s An App For That!

For B2B social media marketing, LinkedIn is the platform of choice that most of the time and activity is spent on trying to generate leads.  Building connections, leveraging LinkedIn groups, and leveraging your company profile page are all features that play a prominent role in your LinkedIn strategy.  However, LinkedIn has internal and external apps […]

LinkedIn Group Statistics: Fun With Numbers!

LinkedIn, the main platform of engagement for B2B companies, last week announced that its members have created more than 1,000,000 LinkedIn Groups. Awesome! What are LinkedIn Groups? Think of them as virtual trade shows minus the alcohol at the networking mixers. Taking the groups feature to the next level, LinkedIn just announced the launch of […]

LinkedIn: It’s Not Just For Finding A Job

When the Great Recession hit the U.S. (and the rest of the world), people everywhere started losing their jobs and turned to every available tool to find work.  From the classifieds to job fairs to attending local networking events, people started turning to a tool that was never available in the past:  LinkedIn.  The media […]