B2B Social Media & Your Sales Team: Why They Should Track Your Efforts

Many times, social media marketers tend to operate in a silo separate from what the rest of the company is doing especially the sales team.  This leaves a lot of potential opportunities unexamined by not having your sales team work closely with your social media professional(s).  However, the question you will probably get from your sales team […]

Using B2B Social Media To Shorten The Sales Cycle

Any good B2B executive that works closely with their sales team (or is a 1-person sales team) can tell you how long their typical sales cycle last.  However, decreasing that sales cycle is something any sales professional would love to do. In a study conducted by the Corporate Executive Board, it was found that customers […]

Why Your B2B Company Isn’t Finding New Leads With Social Media

Every B2B business leader understands this simple concept:  To get sales, you need leads.  It’s a very simple concept that brings in no grey area and even the most novice of business leaders can understand.  Using social media to bring in sales leads for a B2B company can be a great way to find new […]