Dear Client: Your Social Media Rocks!

Author: Emily Bell, Managing Partner-After Interactive, LLC


Social Media Rocks!

Social Media Rocks!

For all you business owners out there, the best conversation we ever have with clients deals with the social media marketing ROI question. Scary as it seems, the results can be quite surprising for both parties, if you are following your social media strategy plan. And for all you social media naysayers, you might want to re-evaluate your social media strategy after you review these results.

Last month, at the end of a clients contract period, we sat down and reviewed the social media results covering a 3 month period. Given that social media was the only addition to her marketing plan, since the previous year; we had to conclude, these results were from our efforts alone. The results are for a Chiropractor with a target audience of Females in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. (Results are not the same for every client.) See the conversation below:

Dear Client,

As promised, here are a few facts to cover how social media has affected your marketing and website results over the last 3 months:


Last 3 months compared to last year:

  • Visits 1,459.65% increase
  • Unique Visitors 1,365.00% increase Pageviews 889.90% increase
  • New Visitor 62.65% increase Returning Visitor 37.35% increase
  • Visits via Social Referral 8,900.00% increase


  • 458 Fans (we took over when you had about 150)
  • 98% of of Fans are female and located in or around the Metroplex!
  • Reached over 60,000 people


  • 167 Followers (we took over when you had about 25)
  • 48 Direct Interactions with Posts
  • Lots of PR and Exposure through groups like: Grapevine COC, City of Grapevine, CEO of Stroller Strides, and many others.
  • Since you have chosen to educate your audience through social media, your competition is following you as well!


  • 1,526,019 Impressions
  • 415 Clicks on Ads
  • 148 Actions (Shares, Likes, or Clicks on Ads)
  • 147 Page Likes (Liked your Facebook page)


  • If each new lead is valued around an average of $72 (varies based on number of visits, etc..), then we have generated a value of $51,264 for your practice in a 3 month period….of which, one month was set up and event promotion…not lead generation.

These numbers speak volumes and we look forward to continue helping you grow your practice!


After Interactive

So, when we’re faced with the statement: “I just do not think social media is effective for my business”….. We bust out the facts! Social media is the only effective marketing platform where you can directly measure your results.

There are no maybes, just results!

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