How To Discover Your B2B Social Media Influencers

How To Discover Your B2B Social Media Influencers

B2B Social Media Influencers

Regardless of what industry you’re in, there are individuals whose opinions and views sway the opinions of others.  For better or worse they exist.  With B2B social media, the same holds true but they tend to hold more sway and their social media voice is usually more powerful.  So what is an influencer?  An influencer is someone who transmits messages and has sway over the opinions and practices of others.  In social media, an influencer can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.  So how do we find these B2B social media influencers?  Here’s a few tips based on the platforms:

  1. LinkedIn – Being the main platform of engagement for B2B companies, LinkedIn is a great place to look for influencers.  The best way to identify an influencer on LinkedIn is by looking at profiles.  Determine if they’re on Twitter, have a website, and engaged with relevant groups.  In addition, you can determine if they are active in the industry such as if they speak at conferences or publish articles in relevant trade magazines.
  2. Blogs – Finding some great thought leaders can be done by reviewing blogs.  Find out who writes the blogs you’re examining and how much of a player they are in the industry.  Getting to know their background will be key as well.  Establish a relationship with bloggers and they’ll be able to spread your message which gains you more visibility.  In addition, they might be willing to link back to your website and / or blog which can give you some great SEO value.
  3. Twitter – This is a great platform to find some great influencers.  Start by examining the number of followers.  The more followers they have then the more they are viewed by people on Twitter as being someone that offers value to their followers.  In addition, reviewing their activity will be a great indicator as to the magnitude of their influencer status.  Do they tweet often?  Do they only talk about themselves or mention others?  Answer these questions and you’ll be able to determine whether you have an influencer worth engaging with on Twitter.
  4. Facebook – Their are two approaches to finding influencers on Facebook.  The first is by putting together a list of keywords to find Facebook pages.  Once you’ve found some Facebook pages, examine how active they are, how many fans they have, and how active their fans are with the page.  Engage with these pages with your own Facebook page or your profile.  The second approach is for your own Facebook page.  Review which of your fans are the most active.  Find out with what kind of content they engage with the most often as well as what type of comments they post.  Establish a relationship with these individuals and reward them for engaging with your Facebook page.
In addition, there are tools out like Radian6, Social Mention, and Yomengo which can help you identify these influencers.  Regardless of how you find them, build a relationship with them before you ask them to do anything.  The stronger the relationship then the more inclined the influencer will be in helping you out.  So go ahead and find and engage your B2B social media influencers before your competitors do so.

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