How To Pick A B2B Social Media Agency

Your B2B company has finally realized it has to get on social media.  You understand and realize the benefits by leveraging this new media.  However, your staff is stretched thin so trying to conduct it in-house is not an option.  The only option is to outsource it to a social media agency.  However, everyone including your How To Pick A B2B Social Media Agencyneighbor’s kid has offered to manage your company’s presence.  So how do you know which agency will deliver the results for your B2B company?  Here’s a few tips to guide the selection process:

  1. B2B Differentiation – The vast majority of social media professionals, and therefore social media agencies, don’t know the difference between B2B and B2C social media marketing.  Not knowing the difference sets your agency of choice in a position to fail your company.
  2. Industry Knowledge – When it comes to managing the social media presence for a restaurant, industry specialization is not necessary.  There’s not much to have to know about beer specials.  However, B2B companies typically operate in industries where knowledge is key.  Your customers need to know you know what you’re talking about.  If your social media agency isn’t able to use and understand industry lingo, how will they be able to talk with your customers?
  3. Metrics – How does a football team know if they’re winning a game?  They check out the scoreboard.  A good B2B social media agency will be able to provide metrics to prove whether their efforts are moving your business forward.  Items such as website activity, social media audience growth, and number of leads generated are good metrics to be measured.
  4. Results Focused – You demand results from your employees that will grow your bottom line.  Why shouldn’t you do the same to the social media agency that will be managing your social media presence?  If a B2B social media agency is unable to deliver the results your company needs then they’ll simply be a liability rather than an asset for your business.
Selecting a social media agency to manage your B2B social media presence is a decision that can’t be taken lightly. Choosing the right one will grow your business but choose wrong and you’ll end up wasting a lot of your company’s scarce resources for nothing.  Choose wisely.

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