How Top B2B Companies Are Using Facebook

Facebook.  The bane of existence for anyone trying to conduct B2B social media marketing.  It’s understood that for B2B companies LinkedIn is the main How Top B2B Companies Are Using Facebookplatform of engagement whereas B2C companies highly prefer Facebook.  However, that doesn’t mean Facebook shouldn’t play a significant role in your B2B social media strategy.  It can if used correctly.  Major B2B companies have been able to tap into Facebook’s potential and benefited from it.  Let’s take a look at some companies that are utilizing Facebook well.

  1. Dell – Selling their products to businesses and consumers, Dell decided to establish a Facebook page dedicated to businesses.  It positioned the page as a resource and tool for its audience to want to come back to in order to receive information about topics currently relevant to them.  In addition, it”s completely different from its consumer Facebook page both in design and function.
  2. Hubspot – A very well known inbound marketing firm, Hubspot has done 2 things very well with their Facebook page.  The first is that all new visitors are directed to a landing tab which has a clear Call To Action (CTA) urging people to Like their Facebook page.  The second thing Hubspot has done really well with their Facebook page is after you Like their page, you are shown a new graphic with a CTA urging you to fill out a form to have the ability to download unique content.  This is a great lead generation strategy that Hubspot has adopted to great effect.
  3. Cisco – As a way to build great rapport with their fans, Cisco declares a SuperFan which affords the winner to have their picture embedded on the Cisco Facebook page profile picture.  This definitely energizes winners to become major evangelists of the brand.  In addition, Cisco does a great job of integrating their YouTube, Twitter, and Flckr accounts which increases interaction with their Facebook fans.
  4. Symantec – People love specials and free stuff.  Symantec uses this fact to their advantage with their Facebook page by offering specials and giving away stuff.  To keep their fans interested week after week, they include weekly polls which encourages engagement.  In addition, they do an excellent job integrating their other social media platforms in their Facebook page.
Even though Facebook may not be the social network which B2B companies prefer, it still holds many benefits if used correctly.  Major companies have been able to leverage Facebook to their advantage by employing some creative tactics.

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