How Top B2B Companies Are Using LinkedIn

When it comes to B2B social media marketing, LinkedIn takes the cake.  This platform provides great results for those that know how to use it well.  For small businesses, LinkedIn can be a great asset and can be used to level the playing field.  However, large companies have also taken notice of the power of LinkedIn.  So How Top Companies Are Using LinkedInwhat are some major companies that are using LinkedIn and how are they leveraging it to achieve their corporate objectives?  The following are a few of the major companies:

  1. Dell – Dell computers and laptops are so commonly used by businesses that they’re now very common staples of American businesses.  Dell decided to use LinkedIn to set up a customized Group to stay in touch with IT professionals who they saw were major influencers in organizations.  They used LinkedIn Groups so well that they won a marketing award.
  2. Amex – Looking for ways to engage businesses, Amex decided to get creative.  They decided to create an app people can use to nominate and vote on their favorite office administrators.  A grand prize of $2,500 was ultimately given away with small daily prizes also being awarded.  This sought to bring in and engage a new set of potential customers that would help build brand loyalty.
  3. CNN Money – When LinkedIn first launched its API for Company Insider, a program which allows you to see how you’re connected to a company, CNN was the first major company to utilize it.  This was accomplished when CNN released its annual 100 Best Companies to Work For report by allowing website visitors to find out how they were connected to companies like Google.  This was meant to inspire people by showing them how closely connected they are to these major companies but also might present to them potential business opportunities with these businesses.
  4. Goshido – Thought not a major company, Goshido still represents a major case study in the effective use of LinkedIn.  While most companies use LinkedIn to generate sales, Goshido used it to find seed capital for its own creation.  This was done by identifying and leveraging connections who could be potential investors.  Once everything was all said and done, approximately $150,000 was raised in seed capital.
Even though LinkedIn can be a great way to level the playing field for a small business, large companies have also noticed and and taken advantage of this platform.  By setting corporate objectives and detailing a plan to achieve them, large corporations have come to leverage this platform very effectively.

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