How Top B2B Companies Are Using Twitter

For B2B companies, LinkedIn is the platform of choice whereas B2C companies highly prefer Facebook.  However, Twitter is the platform that works for any How Top B2B Companies Are Using Twittercompany.  For B2B companies, Twitter can hold significant potential if used correctly.  Major companies currently are  doing a great job of using Twitter and can provide us great examples of how to achieve success and deliver measurable ROI.  Some of the major B2B companies using Twitter are:

  • Hubspot – As an inbound marketing company, its very much expected that this company would be using Twitter to great effect.  So how do they do it?  They provide tips & blogs but also directly respond to tweets in a very timely manner.  They add an element of personality to each tweet which helps builds brand loyalty and ultimately turns into sales.
  • Forrester Research – Many companies on Twitter simply push out their message and worry about proclaiming how great they are.  It’s much like going to a party and hanging around with that person who likes to just talk about themselves.  Forrester Research does a great job in talking about other companies.
  • United Linen – Unlike other Twitter profiles which are handled by individuals who solely focus on social media, United Linen’s Twitter profile is directly handled by their Director.  This provides great insight and personality into the person that runs the company.  In addition, they tweet about other companies, actively engage with their followers, and do a great job in using geolocation to connect with their customers.
  • Intel – As a high-tech company, it uses all the newest technologies out there to stay in contact with its audiences.  Intel has done a great job in not just tweeting about company related news but about tech related news.  This helps build engaging content that builds rapport with their followers.
  • Deloitte – Just like other companies on this list, Deloitte does a great job in engaging its followers.  However, as a large company they have additional Twitter handles to engage with their multiple audiences.  In addition, they do a great job in responding in a timely manner.
Twitter for B2B companies can be a great asset if used correctly.  Major companies have been able to leverage Twitter to great effect to achieve their corporate objectives.  These serve as great examples other companies can utilize for their own benefit.

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