Integrating B2B Social Media Into Your Current Marketing

B2B social media marketing has great potential to benefit a company if used correctly.  Used by itself, it can still produce great results.  However, used in conjunction Integrating B2B Social Media Into Your Current Marketingwith other marketing efforts it can supercharge your overall marketing.  So how can you integrate social media into your other marketing efforts?  The following are a few ideas:

  • Direct Mail – B2B social media marketing has the ability to amplify the effects of a direct mail campaign.  One way to do this is by offering a special discount for people who share the offer on their social media profiles.  In addition, offer something extra like an ebook for people who receive the direct mail offer by urging them to engage on your social media sites.
  • Email – Many email programs have the ability to embed social media icons so your email subscribers can share your emails.  Also before you distribute an email, announce it on your various social media platforms and urge your audience to subscribe.  In addition, some programs allow you to post a web version of your emails so use this to post to your various social media platforms.
  • Website – The website for a B2B company is the ultimate destination for your social media audience.  Provide remarkable content on your website which can typically been done through a blog.  In addition, give your website visitors the ability to share your website content by embedding sharing icons for the various social media sites.  In addition, embed social media icons with links to your social media sites so visitors can easily find, join, and engage with you through social media.
Even though traditional marketing includes much more than was listed above, the ideas that were given are primarily food for thought to show social can be leveraged for other marketing efforts.  When it comes to social media, the sky is the limit.  Get creative and find out how B2B social media marketing can amp up your current marketing efforts.

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