Integrating Social Media Into Your Email: Part 2

Integrating Social Media Into Your Email

Integrating Social Media Into Your Email

In our last post, we discussed why your company should use social media email plugins for your sales team and team members providing day-to-day delivery of services for current customers.  However, what tools are available out there for your company to use to integrate social media into email?  Here are just a few:

  1. Rapportive – Created for Gmail, this free plugin integrates nicely if your business uses this email provider.  It allows for all social media profiles to be displayed as well as recent tweets so you get a better picture of the person you are having email communications with using Gmail.  Rapportive offered such a successful service that in February 2012 it was announced it was bought by LinkedIn for an estimated $15 million.
  2. Xobni – Offering both a free & paid version for both Outlook & Gmail, Xobni offers features which allows you to search & add social media profiles to your contacts.  In addition, Xobni allows past calendar appointments and emails to be shown with each contact.
  3. LinkedIn for Outlook – Built for those who don’t want to search other social media networks. LinkedIn for Outlook is a plugin built and supported by LinkedIn.  It allows you to bring up someone’s LinkedIn profile when typing in someone’s email address so you can view their profile and get a better picture of who they are.  It also allows you to better build out your network right from your Outlook.
These social media email plugins are just a few of the many available but some of the most popular.  Deciding which one is best for your company depends on your email provider and what features will benefit your team the most.

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