LinkedIn Apps: Yes, There’s An App For That!

For B2B social media marketing, LinkedIn is the platform of choice that most of the time and activity is spent on trying to generate leads.  Building connections, leveraging LinkedIn groups, and leveraging your company profile page are all features that play a prominent role in your LinkedIn strategy.  However, LinkedIn has LinkedIn Apps:  Yes, There's An App For That!internal and external apps you can leverage to achieve your goals.  Internal apps are ones that can be embedded directly onto a LinkedIn profile and / or your homepage whereas external apps are those that are not able to be embedded.  So what are some of these apps?  The following are a few of our favorites:


  1. Google Presentations – Have a presentation you like using with prospects?  With the Google Presentations app, you can embed that presentation directly onto your LinkedIn profile.  You can also use this as a way to embed a YouTube video on your profile as well.
  2. My Travel – Do you travel quite a bit to meet with clients in other cities or to attend your industry’s trade shows?  This app will allow you to display where you’ll be and when you’ll be there.  This can be used to allow people that view your profile to show you’ll be in their city in the near future.
  3. WordPress & Blog Link – Even though they’re 2 separate apps, they both accomplish the same thing by giving you the ability to post your blog on your profile.  This will help drive additional traffic to the blog and generate more leads.
  1. InMaps – This is a great app to visualize your connections.  Since they’re color coded, you can label the groups and watch each grow over time as you build the number of LinkedIn connections.
  2. Swarm – Want to learn what companies people are searching for on LinkedIn?  This app can help you identify companies that are popular search queries which may serve as potential leads for your own searches.
  3. Signal – Tired of sifting through the endless number of status updates from LinkedIn members?  This app can help you set up searches for keywords so you’ll only see status updates and news that are important and relevant to you.
LinkedIn is continually producing apps so its members can continue deriving value from this platform.  Even though the apps mentioned above are just a portion of apps currently developed by LinkedIn, there are plenty of others that might fit your needs.

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