LinkedIn Group Statistics: Fun With Numbers!

LinkedIn, the main platform of engagement for B2B companies, last week announced that its members have created more than 1,000,000 LinkedIn Groups. Awesome! What are LinkedIn Groups? Think of them as virtual trade shows minus the alcohol at the networking mixers.

LinkedIn Groups Statistics Taking the groups feature to the next level, LinkedIn just announced the launch of an analytics dashboard for Groups. What kind of stats are they offering their members to analyze? The dashboard includes metrics for the following areas:

  1. Demographics – Most, actually more likely all, B2B companies have a demographic profile of what their target customer looks like. The dashboard for LinkedIn Groups gives you a good idea of where your target Group’s members are geographically located, industries they work in, job functions, and even seniority.
  2. Growth – If a LinkedIn Group is experiencing growth, it bodes well for you to participate in. The more people are coming in, the more opportunities you get to expose your company and it’s services & products. If a Group is experiencing no growth or even losing members, your goals with this Group may be extremely difficult to meet since no one is joining or are like rats fleeing a sinking ship.
  3. Activity – Are group members contributing to creating professional conversations and growing your industry? Activity (comments and discussions) can easily be viewed through this dashboard which lets you know if a Group is seen by others as being full of opportunities (why else would anyone comment or start discussions if it didn’t benefit them to do so).

The LinkedIn Group dashboard is updated daily so you can keep tabs on your favorite Groups and whether they continue to benefit you and your company. The easy to read dashboard will be a great tool to help you and your company identify the best Groups to be a part of and help you grow your brand and ultimately lead to sales opportunities.

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