Top 3 B2B Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Facebook.  The social media site B2C companies love but B2B companies hate.  That may be a strong word but it does help hammer away a point:  Facebook is a difficult platform for B2B companies to gain traction with in achieving their strategic goals.  On top of that, Facebook likes to change the game by adding new and sometimes confusing features to their brand pages.

Several months ago, Facebook lived up to this by forcing brands to use Timeline.  With this came a rethinking of strategy with a focus on creating engaging cover photos.  Many brands rose to the challenge and created some great Timeline cover photos.

The following 3 are our favorite:


Top 3 B2B Facebook Timeline Cover Photos
This company makes single-coat, roller-applied whiteboard paint that transforms almost anything into a high-performance dry-erase surface.  They do a great job by showing the product in action through use by the customers its targeting in the Timeline cover photo.

Ernst & Young

Top 3 B2B Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Your customers want to do business with people not companies.  Although a large organization, Ernst & Young tries to show off some of the people in its organization in order to recruit other like minded individuals.

General Electric 

Top 3 B2B Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

A company which boast many milestones spanning over a century, it does a great job of showcasing this through a Facebook cover photo.  This helps solidify its position in the industry as a thought leader and a company that has over the years deliver innovative solutions for its customers.

Even though Facebook can be difficult to use for a B2B company, through an engaging Timeline cover photo a B2B company can use it to further solidify its brand.

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