Top 3 LinkedIn Mistakes: You Are Doing It Wrong!

Top 3 LinkedIn Mistakes: You Are Doing It Wrong!
Top 3 LinkedIn Mistakes Top 3 LinkedIn Mistakes: You Are Doing It Wrong!

So, you walk into a networking function and scan the room. Over in the corner you spot Crazy Sales Guy. As you make a beeline for the bar, hoping he won’t see you, you hear that all too familiar voice booming…”Hey Sally!!! I’ve been trying to reach you because I have a new product you MUST have!!!” You smile politely but the ensuing conversation sounds a lot like Charlie Brown’s teacher..waaa wa, waa wa, wa wa.  Clearly, that Sales Guy has not gotten through to you and you are avoiding his message. Just like Crazy Sales Guy at the networking event, you can be viewed in the same light if you are using LinkedIn incorrectly. This applies especially if you are using LinkedIn for B2B sales. Here are a few LinkedIn rules to keep in mind before you send that next message or invite….Top 3 LinkedIn Mistakes: You Are Doing It Wrong!


Profile Incomplete

Would you walk into an interview without a resume? Probably not. Resumes are the first view into you as a business professional. An incomplete profile says: you don’t care or you are old school. Both of these options say you are not flexible and not adaptive of new technology to work smarter not harder. Hints: Add a professional profile picture, fill out your experience, and highlight your goals. Studies have shown that a profile picture is more important than anything! If you leave your LinkedIn profile incomplete, how will you attract customers or employers?


Invites Are Not Personal

Yes… LinkedIn has made connecting to professionals a very easy process. You just click the “Invite To Connect” button, and a pre-generated message is sent to a person. Don’t just use the generic message option, “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Write something personal and it will make the connection more open to your invitation and maybe they will not mark you as spam. Think of this invite like a firm handshake. Make it memorable!


You Are Pitching…Not Personal

So what did Crazy Sales Guy do wrong? Well, the first time you met, he asked the two main networking questions, but went no further. What questions am I talking about? 1. What is your name? 2. So..what do you do? He then proceeded to pitch you a product before finding out anything about YOU. What would be more effective is to start the conversation with relationship questions….How are you? Is your summer going well? Going anywhere for vacation? etc…. Sales are accrued by creating relationships. To create relationships, you have to know your customer. How can he expect to “sell” you if he does not know how to sell to you? If a person decides to accept your connection request and this connect is followed with a generated sales pitch — you have just failed. In most cases, that person will click the “remove connection” button. Don’t be deleted. Start your relationship with your new connection by asking them about themselves. Send them a summary of your background and why you love your job. Ask them if they have any professional advice for you. If you can generate a relationship, the sales pitch will be more effective, when you feel the time is right.


Most of you that are using LinkedIn are probably looking for a job, hiring for a position, or trying to find customers. Basically, we all have the same goal…..NETWORKING! Digital networking should be no different than networking in person. Just because you are not face to face with a person, does not mean you are exempt from the networking rules. Treat your connections like you would want to be treated. Center your conversations around the potential creation of a long term sales relationship. Offer interesting content and engaging conversation to your connections.


So, now that we have told you the Top 3 LinkedIn Mistakes..make sure you are not doing it wrong.   If you liked our tips, find out more about us! After Interactive is a focused marketing and digital strategy firm. We deliver measurable & impactful results for your organization. Please join us on our Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+… so we may keep this conversation going!

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