Using B2B Social Media To Improve SEO

B2B social media & SEO go together like two peas in a pod.  Even though these may seem like they are two different fields of digital marketing, if done correctly social media can help your company rank higher in searches your potential clients Using B2B Social Media To Improve SEOare doing on search engines like Google right now.  For a B2B company, raking high or outright dominating for an industry key phrase can mean the difference in hiring that new sales person or working your current one to death.  How can B2B social media be used to improve SEO?  Here are a few tips:

  1. Key Phrases – Before you start a LinkedIn Group discussion or write your first company blog, you need to identify which key phrases you should focus on.  Make sure these are key phrases relevant to your target market & ones your company actually has a chance of ranking for on Google.
  2. Blogs – A great way for your company to position itself as a thought leader, blogs are also a very important tool for your B2B company to use to rank for key phrases your future clients are using in searches.  Blogging on a regular basis also sends Google a cue that your website is more relevant and important versus that of your competitors which will make it appear more prominently in search results.
  3. LinkedIn – With Facebook & Google at each other’s throats and Twitter and Google on thin ice, LinkedIn seems to be the only non-Google social network that is regularly indexed in Google search results.  With open Groups, public profiles, company pages, and many other features, Google is left with a lot of content to scan and more areas of opportunity for your company to use to rank for specific key phrases.
With a well crafted B2B social media strategy, your company’s SEO efforts can receive a boost to the arm.  Without it, your competitors are going to dominate search engines like Google.

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