Using B2B Social Media To Retain Customers

You’ve developed a great B2B social media strategy, posted remarkable content, and now you’ve gotten leads that have converted into customers.  Congrats!  Now what?  Just like the customers you originally met at local networking events, it doesn’t simply end when someone signs a contract and cuts you a check.  It comes down Using B2B Social Media To Retain Customersto customer retention.  With B2B social media, your customer retention efforts can become that much more effective.  So how do you go about doing this?  The following are just a few tips:

  1. First Impressions – When you get a new customer, send them to your social media sites.  Unfortunately a lot of times when customers sign up with a company they do so not knowing much about the company.  By sending them to join your various social media sites, you’re able to reenforce that first impression by having them see the remarkable and engaging content you’re posting on social media which positions your company as a thought leader.
  2. Categorization – Segment your customers based on their buying behaviors.  Doing so will allow you to develop a communications plan that will engage them in the best possible way on the most appropriate platforms.
  3. Appreciation – Many good B2B companies show their appreciation to their customers by thanking them via email, direct mail, or through a phone call.  Extend these efforts by publicly thanking your customers via social media.  It’s one thing when you thank a customer via a 1=on-1 method but something completely different if you announce it to the whole world via social media.
  4. Testimonials – Many companies believe testimonials are only good to use for prospects.  However, testimonials are a great way to retain customers especially new ones when done through social media.  In addition, reaching out to your customers after the first 30 days to get their feedback is important in order to identify any issues as well as get potential testimonials.  Using these testimonials on social media helps reenforce the decision other customers made about your company.  Even posting issues (assuming its ok with your customer) and solutions on social media also helps reenforce the idea your customers made a great decision in selecting your company.
Integrating your B2B social media efforts into your customer retention policy is a great way to maximize your ability to retain customers.  However, just like everything else it needs to be done correctly.  Think of some ways your B2B company can integrate social media into its customer retention efforts.  If you don’t, your competitors will and use it to attract your own customers.

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