Using B2B Social Media To Shorten The Sales Cycle

Using B2B Social Media To Shorten The Sales Cycle

Using B2B Social Media To Shorten The Sales Cycle

Any good B2B executive that works closely with their sales team (or is a 1-person sales team) can tell you how long their typical sales cycle last.  However, decreasing that sales cycle is something any sales professional would love to do. In a study conducted by the Corporate Executive Board, it was found that customers (regardless of industry) contacted a sales rep when they completed 60% of the sales cycle. This is an extraordinary fact because this means that marketing & sales teams need to closely align their efforts for their to be a successful hand off from marketing to sales.  How does this effect B2B social media strategy?  Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Diagnose Purchasing Needs – What triggers your customers to buy your company’s products/services. Identify these and develop content that speaks to that.
  2. Identify Internal Barriers To Purchases – Purchases from B2B companies are typically complex transactions.  For example, if there are other decision makers usually involved in the purchasing decision, content addressing the concerns of these individuals can help break down the barriers.
  3. Build A Strong Connection to Customers – With B2B social media, typically your sales team will be left out of the loop.  Therefore it’s important for the social media team to build a strong connection with your potential customers.  Since relationships are important in B2B sales, their needs to be strong engagement that can build connections with potential customers.
If done correctly, B2B social media can help shorten the sales cycle and increase revenue for your company.  Shorten your sales cycle. Let your competitors keep their long sales cycle. They don’t need the revenue.

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