What Are B2B Social Media Ads

B2B Social Media Ads

B2B Social Media Ads

Social media networks have taken a page from Google in their primary method of making money:  ads.  Since sites like Facebook & LinkedIn have an enormous amount of information these ads can be targeted to appear to people with specific interest interests or skills.  So fine tuned can some of these ad campaigns be that they can very much creep out some social media users.  However, for a B2B company ads present a great opportunity to find new clients as long as they understand the different ways ads on the major social media behave.  So how are social media ads different from network-to-network?

  1. LinkedIn – For a B2B company, this is the best platform to be on.  Ads run on this social media site can be targeted to appear to individuals based on their position, job function, title, and industry.  Ads based on this type of information can give some great bang for the buck if targeted correctly.  Trying to target CFOs of banks? These ads can get the job done and find your company immediate sales leads.
  2. Facebook – Ads for this social media site are very different than what you find on LinkedIn.  The reason for this is because ads are targeted based primarily on people’s interests.  As a result, it can be a little harder to do some precise targeting but can be great from a branding point of view.
  3. Twitter – A relative newcomer to the ad game, this social media site targets their ads both in appearance and in targeting.  Unlike Facebook & LinkedIn, these ads don’t appear on the side of our screen but as a part of our Twitter stream.  In addition, Twitter users can directly interact with the ad by retweeting it, replying to it, or placing the Twitter handle in their favorites list.
If used effectively, B2B social media ads can deliver immediate and long term ROI as a part of a coordinated strategy.  Your customers are on social media.  Use these ads to find them and bring them to you before your competitors get to them first.

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