What LinkedIn’s Purchase of SlideShare Means For B2B Companies

What LinkedIn's purchase of SlideShare means for B2B companies

LinkedIn and SlideShare

As LinkedIn goes, so do B2B companies.  Because LinkedIn is the major platform of engagement for any B2B company, any minor or major moves by this social networking site will create a lot of news.  This happened very much so when LinkedIn decided to acquire SlideShare for a whopping $119 million although not as astonishing as Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram for $1 billion.  So what does this acquisition mean for B2B companies?  A few of the reasons are:

  1. B2B Content Is King – It’s common for marketers to say content is king.  However, its typically used when engaging with the B2C market.  Just like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, the acquisition of SlideShare positions LinkedIn to become more of a content creator.  This will give LinkedIn further value as a business communication tool with key audiences for B2B companies.
  2. Visually Appealing – According to the American Library Association, 80% of people don’t read.  This doesn’t mean that a large segment of the population is illiterate.  It means people don’t read large segments of text.  SlideShare presents an opportunity for B2B companies to present their information in visually appealing ways for the target audiences of B2B companies to digest much easier.
  3. The Future – Any moves such as major acquisitions has to have LinkedIn evaluate how it will impact its long term survival and relevance.  The acquisition of SlideShare will further position LinkedIn as a resource for B2B companies.  Therefore it will be more widely viewed as a resource and necessary tool for B2B companies to use in order to grow.
The acquisition of SlideShare has not been the only company acquired by LinkedIn but this proves to be a major development.  Ultimately, the fruits of this acquisition may not be known for some time but now is the time for B2B companies to prepare how this will effect them and contribute to their growth plans.

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