Why Your B2B Company Isn’t Finding New Leads With Social Media

Why Your B2B Company Isn't Finding New Leads With Social Media

Finding New Leads With Social Media

Every B2B business leader understands this simple concept:  To get sales, you need leads.  It’s a very simple concept that brings in no grey area and even the most novice of business leaders can understand.  Using social media to bring in sales leads for a B2B company can be a great way to find new customers.  However, many B2B companies decide to give social media a try and find out the new customers they were promised never materialized.  What could have gone wrong if social media is such a promising technology?  The following are a few of the most common reasons:

  1. Too Many Sales Pitches – Social media is about people.  Just like in real life if you’re constantly doing sales pitches to everyone you meet, people will be turned off and ignore you.  The same thing applies in social media.  Too many sales pitches will be ignored by your audience (what little there will be of anyways) and give your company a bad reputation and image.  Post informational/educational content so your target audience views your social media profiles as a resource rather than a nuisance.
  2. No Calls To Action – Sometimes to close a sale you just need to ask for it.  The same thing applies in social media.  If you want to get sales leads, sometimes just asking people to contact you for information about your company’s products & services is all the push they need.  This is done by issuing a compelling Call To Action (CTA) that gives your social media audience an incentive to reach out to you to learn more about how you can help them.
  3. No Landing Page – Think sending your social media audience to your website is good enough?  Think again. A landing page (think of it like a glorified Contact Us webpage) can help your B2B company generate sales leads. Why? When you send people to your website, you give them a lot of ways for them to get distracted and not let them easily reach out to you wanting more info about your company.
B2B social media has the potential to grow your company but only if it’s done correctly.  Your competitors may not be doing it correctly but you’re better then them. Aren’t you?

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